Okay!  Before I begin, just letting you know, I won’t be making ANY posts on THURSDAYS and FRIDAYS!!  This is my personal and family time!  Also, I considering making weekly themed stuff for my posting days and I’ll try to keep those consistent.

With that said, I wanted to make my first venture into the titles that most either hated, got ignored were overall under-appreciated.  Now these are my games that I’ve played, not a title somebody else put up.

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This title was WAYYYY ahead of its time!  First, it was designed to be a three-person ONLINE co-op survival horror game!  That’s right, this was AFTER the Gamecube got Resident Evil 4 and I just before the Resident Evil Remake.  Capcom was kinda torn on which way it was going with the series and figured they should visit Raccoon City, one more time!

Okay, reporter lady, which way do we go?  Through the window?  Ladies first!

First, this game was separated into two different installments under: File #1 and File #2.  Each had different settings in Raccoon City, which were: downtown area, Umbrella’s underground lab, hospital, a hotel ON FIRE, university, a zoo, subway, Raccoon Forest, Police State (RPD) and the big finale escape.  All of these, lengthy scenarios that take you through many of the areas, seen in both Resident Evil 2 and 3 (Nemesis).

Here is one of the most badass intro movies in video games

Much of the game plays like the old Resident Evil games; with tank controls, item menus, limited ammo, being outnumbered by enemies.  Along with it; there is melee combat, degrading weapons, special abilities and all the classic RE elements.  Another great feature is the ability to chose from 8 different characters, whom have their own abilities, unique personalities, response and storylines.

Hey, what’s in that capsule?!  Is that… Akuma, from Street Fighter?!?!

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Clearly, the name of the game is survival, which can be done solo, with two AI partners or other players online.  Not only, do you have to keep an eye on your health gauge and condition, there is the virus meter.  If you get to 100% your just as dead as you would be if you run out of health, and if your online; you had the chance to return as a zombie and kill the other players.    (Yeah Valve, Left 4 Dead was a pretty unique concept!)

If that wasn’t enough, most enemies will not go down without unloading your weapons into them.  Sometimes you have to fight, other times you don’t, very much like the earlier RE games.

Oh no!  It’s a Pincer Attack!!        

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Once you start getting through scenarios, you soon learn, that there is more than one way to beat each scenario, tons of things to unlock and cutscenes only seen through certain characters eyes.


The game was mired by all kinds of shit; no voice chat support, NPC emote responses that were annoying, high difficulty, unreliable AI partners and WORST OF ALL, it required a broadband connection.  So what? SOOOOO??????

Okay kiddies, if you don’t remember, back then, if you wanted to use broadband, you had to buy an expansion pack, just so you could play online.  In 2004, Broadband was just getting into most households and was a poor marketing decision on Capcom’s behalf.  Had it been released when the PlayStation Network kicked off, this game would’ve been a monumental success.  But it didn’t, Capcom tried to be bold in a time when .com bubble was just beginning to expand and lost.

In my opinion, having these not available on current gen systems IS A CRIME.  I still own both Outbreak file 1 and file 2.  Nearly completed each one and WILL NEVER GET RID OF THEM.  To this day, I’d still go back and play it!  (That’s how good this was!!)  Although, playing through these games offline are an extreme challenge, I highly recommend them!

Your gonna make it….to the bathroom….I PROMISE!

Don’t let the reviews fool you, this is one of those cult classic video games, all horror fans will love!

Make it happen, Crapcom!



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