Just so you know, because of this asshole, Grace will never have a porcelain or any talking doll.  Last night Louie was watching the X-Files (which I used to watch with her and REALLY need to get back into watching it together at night.) and there was this episode that had to deal with child possession.  All I remember was, walking in seeing the kid screaming, then watching this old-ass porcelain doll turn its head and blink!!!

I stormed out of the bedroom yelling, “I can’t stand fucking dolls!”

Thanks Phil, thanks….

This week hasn’t very stressful, but for some damn reason, I’ve felt sooooo damn tired! Everytime, I wanted to fire up the game, my body kicked in and said, “NOPE, not gonna happen”!!  So, my usual hour or so I take to play has been spent napping, catching up on some much needed rest.

So WHAT, if I stay up ALL NIGHT!  At least I’m cute as fuck!

Louie literally told me, I had raccoon eyes and looked like I’d not slept in days.  Which wasn’t totally false.  During the weekend, I’d only gotten about 4.5 -5 hours and up to today, maybe around 6 to 7, if you included the nap times.  By technical standards, I’m sleep deprived, so it’s understandable.

I get it, sleep is more important!