Okay, Okay, I know another share!  But I’ve got to admit, this speaks to me and I know it will to my eternal love, Louie!  It’s so hard to stop, take a slow…deep breath and see what is great about the love…an indescribable something we have.  Sometimes, I know it’s a struggle to continue to realize it, when we’re tired or stressed.  But it’s presence that’s always there, just as those faithful in God feel that aura of greatness.  I feel…I know there is only love for you, Louie.          My TRUE LOVE!

Please take the time to read the article, THANKS!

(BTW, if you’re confused about the picture above, it’s an inside joke between she and I)


We are  often too serious about us and our life that we can’t relax. Our days are overwhelming, sometimes you want to scream! Life is so chaotic and ironic…. and loud, that might…

Source: Hey Mr. Serious, turn that frown upside down!