Following the recent, PS4 software update, I started tagging all of my close friends to pop-up when they’re online.

2 years and 15 days later:  Its….about…time

Which is cool, cuz now I can finally be able to start setting gaming sessions if I feel like it.  Oddly enough, I’m also back on the Witcher 3 saddle again, so co-op probably not going to happen, unless someone invites me!  (HINT HINT, need help?!  Just remember, like Geralt, I don’t work for free.  Monster slaying is tiring!)

So, I know I’ve been a bit lazy with checking my psn invites, so I FINALLY got into them and found like 12 invites from various people, to play SMITE!  To be honest, I was like WTF, I don’t have this game, why are people asking me to join up and play?!

It piqued my interest enough to check it out on PSN.  All it looked like to me, was just another MMO.  (Personally, I don’t play em’) Why?!  Well, because they’re massive, they require subscriptions, which cost more money and they would completely envelop my time playing other games.  Which would make this for a pretty boring blog.

Oh yes! This would probably be the highlight of my blog.  When I dreams come to LIFE!!

Before, I was really tempted to get into Final Fantasy XIV: The Realm Reborn.  Yet, what drew me away from it was the subscription.  Honestly, I just don’t have the money to be putting forth cash on a regular monthly basis.  If it was “free-to-play”, following the purchase of the actual game, I’d be on board for that.  Outside of that, I’m just not interested, especially in games I don’t own.

However, if you think can convince me?  I’m all ears; tell me more about Smite or any other reasons to join the massive community out there.

Until then, I’ll be waiting!