For those who’ve been out of the loop.  Capcom’s had two major Resident Evil projects in the works.  The first, is a complete Remake of Resident Evil 2.  (Of we ARE ALL excited about!)
The other is the project above, which you can imagine is another shooter game much like Operation Racoon.  (Which was garbage)

I’m kind of reserved about this this time around.  I know that this game a clear market to shooter fans and not so much Resident Evil fans.  Personally, I’m gonna wait until there is a wider user base for it.  Clearly, this game has a LOT of work cut out for it.  The shooter market is SO g’damn saturated and if this crashes hard.  Your going to see many crushed Capcom fans.

I mean, let’s be real, two of the former huge third party developers Capcom and Konami, just aren’t playing for keeps anymore!!  Sure, the Remake is coming, but isn’t being helmet by Shinji Mikami.  So who knows how that is going turn out.
Konami is doing nothing in games anymore and Capcom is fumbling with everything it does now.  Maybe I should close the door on these companies and move on!!  As there really is so much more out there now.

What do you guys think?  I’d like to hear from both sides, shooter, RE fans, etc.

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