After finishing Saints Row 4, I figured I’d try out the March PSN free game, Broforce!

I’d been hearing a lot of the communities ranting about how they wanted this to be a free title and well…they got their wish!

So, what do we have here?


First, I went on this one flying blind, not know ANYTHING about this game.  Except that it was 8-bit and looked like a Contra knock-off.

I started out with a character that was taken as a direct homage to Rambo, that gets his own vignette of a roided Sly Stallone.  Progressing, I noticed that I unlocked another “bro” for my broforce, Brommando, which is another nod to Arnold Schwarzenegger from the movie Commando.  COOL!


This continued on as I made many attempts to kill or be killed on each side scrolling level. Which I encountered a LOT of dying in this game!

This is what dying a lot in videogames feels like!!          (Cred – Gary Woosley)

Progression led me into getting more and more movie homage-themed “bros” to add to my ranks.  What I was loving so much about this was that, all of my team members were incorporated into my life count randomly.  For example, if I 2 lives, my “bro” would be picked for me randomly and I had to adapt the character’s playstyle getting through an area.  I loved the fact that it changed up how I had to think on attacking certain spots differently.  This blew my mind, for such a simple side-scroller concept.  Certain spots loaded with explosives, others with guard dogs, some with mines.  This requires you to take a minute to figure out what to do.  For the most part, THIS IS NOT A MINDLESS SIDESCROLLER, and can be a pain in the ass!

One last thing I’d like to mention, is that all of the “bro” members are nods to fans to almost all popular action movies.  But what makes it great is that it’s fan service right from the gate and the developers truly to show a love of games like Metal Slug, Contra, Dig Dug and Bomberman.

Dead or alive, your’re coming with me!

THIS GAME IS THE RIGHT WAY TO DO SOME FAN SERVICE!!  Saints Row 4 seemed to be trying too hard to be a fanboy in how it made its references to comics, games, pro wrestling and movies.  It was TOO MUCH, whereas Broforce, does it JUST RIGHT!

I had a lot of fun with this one and found pretty easy to pick up and play, when I only had an hour or less of time to game!!

Cred – The Hoff