I’m so beyond pissed at this point, I figured I would share the out of control blaze happening now….at The Walking Dead Reddit

BTW, on a positive note,  IT IS Steve Ogg, the guy who voiced Trevor on GTA V who was in the finale!!!!  I knew I recognized his voice and demeanor right away!  He’s listed on the cast on IMDB  for the episode and currently doesn’t have a name for the role.  His role does seem high up on Negan’s chain, so expect him to have a role on the next season!!  Also props go to the actor who got Negan’s role…Exceptional work on his part!

[–]Valley_Style 16 points an hour ago

“I can see it now.. The last scene is a funeral and Rick says the name in a eulogy right before the screen goes black to credits.”

[–]AidenJerrick 523 points an hour ago

“Somebody needs to jerk Scott Gimple off for 90 minutes and then not let him finish.”

[–]Morally_Inept 966 points 2 hours ago

This entire episode dragged out for 75 minutes then shit started happening. Then they didn’t even show the end. FUCK!

[–]JM_Actual 121 points 2 hours ago

The real victim is JDM’s great performance wasted on that bullshit ending


                   [–]maryssmith 17 points an hour ago

                              My God, he was tremendous. I felt like you could probably hear a pin                                     drop in every house that had TWD on.

[–]Ey-b0ss 70 points 2 hours ago

Another Motherfucking Cliffhanger

[–]ilikepialot 193 points 2 hours ago

“Bitchnuts” – Abraham

                     [–]Hazard_Zone 63 points 2 hours ago*

                      Also ” What the bitch?”

[–]abaiz 124 points 2 hours ago*

Their medieval armor looked sweet as fuck and pretty original.

[–]Killtrend 326 points 2 hours ago*

That’s such a fucking cop out.

800 minutes of commercials for a cliff hanger.

[–]train31 22 points an hour ago

Roadblock—>roadblock—>trap—>roadblock—> trap—>cliffhanger. There. That’s it. That’s the episode. And they needed 93 minutes to tell it. I feel insulted. You should all feel insulted.

[–]gerdataro 21 points 2 hours ago

Be sure to…drink…your…Ovaltine. Ovaltine?! Son of a bitch, that’s how I feel. A billion commercials and a crummy ending. How boring.

         [–]matttrick 21 points 2 hours ago

         It’s not Carl or Rick. Sturdiness implies Abraham

                   [–]Frankocean2 9 points 2 hours ago

                  My gut says Eugene.


                         [–]matttrick 7 points 2 hours ago

                              I was kind of thinking that also. Abe would be obvious but maybe it’s                                   Eugene completing his ascent to manhood.

                                [–]ava_ati 5 points an hour ago

                                Yea especially with the hugging and music when he left in the RV,                                         giving the plans to rick to make bullets. My guess is definitely Eugene