Recently, I’ve noticed that my audience is either silent lurkers, occasional likers of my material and the rare person commenting on what I post HERE.  It’s irritating, and I know I may NEVER reach Rachael Ray status ANYTIME IN THE EXISTENCE OF TIME, but having comments and people talking would be nice.

First off, I focus on posting about VIDEO GAMES, why?  Isn’t that what everyone is doing?! Can you be a little original, you say?  Well, yes, maybe and I dunno.

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Playing video games is my outlet from the stress of work, family life, etc.  It’s an outlet I do for my enjoyment.  Another outlet that has been severely neglecting is my writing.  (Which I will get back to later) So, one plus one equals two (or ONE, if your a Led Zeppelin fan) and here I am trying to perfect a craft.  I don’t post here because its going to make me ANY money or profit and don’t foresee that EVER really happening.  (If it does, it’ll be a blessing!)  I do this because I LOVE TELLING and SHARING STORIES and well…. TALKING.  Along with that, I share with no restraint from vulgarity, censorship or moderation.  (Except mad trolls and SPAM)

Sure, everyone has video game blogs today, hell the Nintendo generation is in THIRTIES and the Atari in its FORTIES.  We’re all creating families, growing old and carrying the load like our generations before.  Except we carry a controller in hand and not a TV remote, as our time passing activity.  Outside the life I live with my family, this is what I enjoy and I bring you my experiences, with my sense of humor and perspective.

Yep, WE OLD!!  Ladies, I’m being the gentleman on this one,                  gracefully excusing you from the pic. 🙂        

I don’t censor my work because too much of the world is censored as is.  You won’t find me starting any campaigns to stop censorship, but you can bet your ass I will express whatever I want on here.  I’m against it, with the exception of keeping content away from kids, that aren’t ready for that kind of exposure.

Originality is what I strive to have on here.  After doing this for 4 months, I’ve seen a vast array of videogame blogs.  Most are filler…and it’s disappointing.

Many regurgitate the same news articles that 30 other globally known videogame websites have already BEAT TO DEATH on their perspective.  I don’t do news, ITS DEPRESSING, in the real world and BORING in the videogame world.  All it does, is build hype and lets us down so many times.  Sure there are exceptions, such as a title that delivers as promised, but that isn’t what is always happening, IS IT?!

This is my site and personally, I’m against it!

Reviews are a big one, too!  Like assholes, everyone has one…or two. (reviews…not assholes)  There is far too much abuse of the 1-10 scales.  Many average gamers will only pay attention to 8-10 rated games…WHICH IS ABSURD!!!!!!  Don’t get me wrong, user reviews are the way to go, if your going to review a game.  After all this is where the recognized game news publishers FAIL HARD!  (Face it, they’re paid off just as much as your veteran politicians in office.)

FAIL HARD….LIKE DIE HARD!!!!  Cred – Sploidgif

User or peer reviewed games and media ARE THE WAY to go and they give you more of a real score than wastes of space that actually get paid to do this for a living.  But I refuse to do any grading or ranking of any games on here.  However, you will get mini reviews, recommendations of WHAT I FEEL you may want to keep, rent or stay away from.  But that’s as far as I go!

Honestly, I’m SO TIRED of the PLAGIARISM that is so rampant on the net.  I’ll give you a perfect example.  Recently, I was offered to work with another site, where I would submit articles to his site.  First, this was pro-bono work (fo’ free!!) and in exchange, the guy would bring traffic to the site.  My side of the deal was, that I’d have to post news articles TWICE A DAY on his site, which after really looking at his site after joining I realized I would’ve been doing all of the work.  This would’ve been fine, but he didn’t want news or  opinions from what I read on a DIALY BASIS, he wanted rewrites; I.E. PLAGIARISM.  After about a month, he wanted a review of a game.  What he gave me was something I couldn’t work with; a PC game.  I just don’t do PC games, they’re just too high maintenance and I have a shit computer.  I really tried to get it to work so I could do my job, but it NEVER worked, so that went out the door.  Ultimately, I let the guy boot me from the site, because I simply had NO LOVE FOR HIS SITE, none, zero, zilch, NO MAS!!!!  Everything he wanted me to do there was against my purpose of writing…IT TRULY WAS!  So I’m glad things turned out that way.

This was exactly how I felt when I was working there.

As for original content.  I’ve got a few ideas.  One is posting a share or a reblog of sites I enjoy.  Obviously, I reblog good articles and give you my take on them.  None of these are original.  But what is original is my gaming impressions and perspectives as I play along with them.  Second are my real life experiences and how they relate to me, gaming and just being a father and husband.

At some point, I will start featuring an artist in relationship to games.  (either music-related or literal art…good artist)  This will be where, I’ll give a rundown of their good works and maybe get you amped up enough to go check em out, giving them a little more support in the progress.  This also goes for fellow gaming bloggers out there, whenever I see something I like, you know I’ll share them, giving them a plug too.

Most of the content will always be my impressions of video games.  Whenever I play the bigger games that take more love and attention such RPGs and big sandbox.  If it’s a sports or online only games, I usually don’t go too in depth with them and only give a general overview of.

Outside of games, you’ll get my normal life happenings, funny things I go through and sometimes a bit of sharing my personal life concerns.

I know there are a few returning readers here and by now, you know what kind of content I bring to the table, so I’ll always keep it coming!  The rest is there in the descriptions, under my profile.  Enjoy all I have to share with you guys!