We have LESS THAN ONE HOUR until The Walking Dead Season Finale!  I can’t wait!!


Going to put Grace down for bed now!

I’ll  be doing play by play during the commercial breaks, so I’ll be updating this post during the show

0912 PM EST – The preacher is holding down the fort. Rick trusts him, so trust him. I didn’t before, but he’s become someone else. Practically everyone is going in this episode, does this mean anything?

0922 PM EST – An interesting standoff with an unknown Neagan member and each of their crews. (Was that guy the same dude who voices Trevor on GTA V)

0946 PM EST – Lots of roadblocks and not enough movement in the story. Where are Rick’s crew even headed?!

1007 PM EST – Okay, maybe a play by play wasn’t needed because the episodes just isn’t there. Morgan broke his code without a flinch which shocked me.

1015 PM EST – Everyone’s on their knees and there is NO WAY OUT. No stupid moves team Rick, your not getting out of this one.

1034 PM EST – Shows over and we are left IN THE DARK!!!
THE WAS BULLSHIT! I’m still a fan, but we got jerked!! Someone’s dead, but now we won’t find out until OCTOBER!!

I’d chime in more on it here, but that just defeats the purpose, as this was mostly about the episode itself!

Check out my previous post about the last episode HERE!!  Discuss any theories on how this is going to go down!