Over the vacation, I decided to take a break from The Witcher 3 and played a couple remasters.  One of them was Saints Row 4 for the PS4.  (Which isn’t technically a remaster, but it’s certainly an improved version.)

First off, for the unaware, Saints Row started out as a direct rip-off of GTA San Andreas.  What Saints Row did differently, is that it took the Gang Wars side activity (from San Andreas) and made its primary focus.  Along with came its own side activities, which were challenging and pretty entertaining.

GTA Gang Wars:  They are LITERALLY 10 ft away and machine pistols, and nobody’s shot

Once it got a sequel, it started becoming less of a game clone and more of its own title.  It was still very similar, but hosted a large customization and even more unique activities like riding on a ATV in a flame retardant suit.  But for some reason it was still something too close to GTA.

Saints Row 3 took a serious game and made it into something stupidly hilarious.

I know, I know, I have bad grammar!!

It might be hard to explain this for those who haven’t played the series, but I will try my best.  In GTA, to steal a car, you walk up and smash a window out, hotwire it and speed off and hope the cops didn’t notice the car alarm going off.  In Saints 3, all you have to do is run up to a car moving at high and press the button used to enter a vehicle.  This allows you to jump through the windshield, kicking the driver out of the car and sends on your merry way, as you speed down the street.  It’s essentially like playing GTA on PCP.

I’m fairly certain that this is an exact GTA V screenshot on God knows what drug.  MY EYES HURT….

Don’t believe me?  Okay, how about being attacked by people in energy drink mascot outfits, wielding baseball bat sized dildos.  Or you can, play a “Running Man” inspired

Seriously… Dildo Bats! 

game show of death, which is hosted by a psychopathic murderer, in a giant pink cat costume.  But if you think that’s retarded, it’s only the tip of the iceberg.

Yet I’m not here to say how much I despise Saints Row 4, but better yet, how I’ve gotten like it.  Just so you know,  NEVER TAKE THIS G’DAMN SERIOUSLY!  Oddly enough, the first time I played the Saints Row 3 and 4, I didn’t like them.

Initially, I hated the games, because they were no longer challenging.  This included the activities, that used to steadily get more so as you completed them.  Story missions were more about being goofy and over-saturated with unrealistic combat and again NOT CHALLENGING WHATSOEVER!

Remember these guys, YEAH….not like this game.

So why the hell would I go back?!  Did I feel like it wasn’t given appreciation, HEEEELLL NO!!  It was because I enjoyed the gameplay, it was fun, simply because of its absurdity.  With that said; do the Saints have anything to offer in 4?

BEAN BURRITO – For marriage, it’s a LOVE/HATE relationship.

The 4th entry takes everything you knew from the first three entries and nearly throws away their purpose.  Instead of making a game that is sandbox by using vehicles walking on foot.  You are thrown into a simulation of the same map from Saints Row 3, except you are given a vast array of superpowers.  While at first, many see it as a setback, it isn’t but more of an improvement.

Being able to superjump, fly, throw cars with telekinesis and use elemental projectiles.  Along with this, is the fact that everything is in a virtual reality, which means it gives the player more to play with than a normal physical world.


Personally, my favorites are the story missions, as the dialogue is entertaining and very funny.  Especially, when you hear Nolan North and the preset British accent for the player talk, which are hilarious.  (Nolan North is guy who voices Nathan Drake in Uncharted for those who don’t know.)  While they aren’t diverse in what you do, but how things happen is just dumb in a good way.


maxresdefault (1)Saints_Row_4_13777203011668saints-in-space-800x450

Also, if you love Easter eggs and fun pokes at videogames, movies and TV shows then you will love this.  The game is FUN, but don’t be expecting Bloodborne levels of difficulty.  For this one, play to HAVE FUN!

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