!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!SPOILERS FOR THE WALKING DEAD SEASON 6 UP TO  EPISODE 15!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Also note:  Please be advised I have not read the comics in depth and will not refer them.  No spoilers for the comics, but you can key in on details of the characters from the books.

Holy shit!  Looks like Dwight got the jump on Daryl!  WHAT THE HELL?!  At the moment, fans are looking at Daryl to get nixed from the show on the finale, considering he was shot at not even a meter’s distance.

A few things before I get to the meat and potatoes of the article.  First, is the realism of what was happening in the final minute of episode fifteen.  Realistically, if your hit at close range, there is world of places he could’ve hit him, so possibilities are grim to survivable.   Daryl has survived much worse, but considering that Dwight is known to be a sadist, there is probably far worse pain he can experience.  My thoughts, he’s probably mortally wounded and will live this out ONLY if his neck is saved somehow.  If the moment arises, he will take the opportunity, but then again, he and the team are getting sloppy.  Hell, what I want to know is, why is it that Dwight was able to sneak up on the team, best tracker?!  This happened to Carol a few episodes back and now Daryl, either he’s one hell of a tracker or Daryl was never that great!  They’re letting this group eat at them and they can’t focus.  Either that, or their bodies are no longer starved and they are no longer the hunted, which would explain the overall carelessness.

Second, he isn’t an invulnerable character, NOR IS RICK!  But the guys working on the TV show, are going to be looking for shock value and that is going to keep us wanting more.  As to how they will do that, is to be seen.  But let’s be honest, no real heavy hitters have died yet…so whose it going to be?!


Daryl – Likely, but I don’t think so, because it was presented that the very end of the episode, which means,  THERE’S MUCH MORE TO IT!  But I have to admit, as badass as Daryl is, Carol and his personal vendetta against Dwight, are the only things left in his story at this point.  I’m feeling he will fulfill this purpose for the story.  In my opinion, he could continue on or go out in a blaze of glory.  Doing the latter, would be more suiting to his character and having him just get killed off or bleed out just won’t do Daryl justice.


Abraham & Sasha – He’s the most reckless of the bunch and I feel Eugene put some foreshadowing on how he’s served his purpose in the narrative.  Having Sasha captured or worse, which it’s possible that Sasha from collateral for the shot fired from Dwight.  Abraham is known to be willing to sacrifice himself for his cause, and right now it’s Sasha.  So, he may go down or they may both go together in some dramatic fashion.


Glen – Glen is trapped, but he’s been this way before and at this point he is more of an escape artist than Jesus.  I’m familiar of his fate in the books, so I’m talking about it.  Dwight is in his captivity, so it’s not looking good for him.


Morgan – Something about Morgan’s extreme respect to how all life is sacred, could lead to his ultimate end, especially if he yields to somebody like Dwight or worse.  Although, I have a feeling the gun Rick gave him in the end of the episode, may play a key role in the finale.  It’s a strong hunch, but somehow it’s connected into how the finale will play out!


Rosita – Sadly, I don’t know where her character development could go at this point. Tara is gone for the remainder of the season (due to real-life baby), Abraham doesn’t want her anymore and Denice is dead and there to give her moral support.  I see her being as self destructive as Abraham, at this point.  Should she get free from Dwight’s grip, I’d imagine she’d impulsively retaliate and essentially get herself killed.


Carol – She’s cursed to kill anything that gets in her way.  How, when and if she’s to be redeemed is to be seen.  But I have a feeling Carol’s story has a long way to go.

Michonne – I feel Michonne and Rick, have left each other exposed which is going to be left off until later on.  If anyone is still on their toes, it’s Michonne, but ANYTHING can happen and NO ONE IS SAFE!


Michonne (Danai Gurira) – The Walking Dead – Season 3, Episode 5 – Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC

Carl and Rick – There isn’t a chance in hell in them killing them off anytime soon, as there they are just too deeply rooted into the narrative, but you never know.


Judith and the Alexandrians – With the direction that Dwight and crew are heading, chances are that they take them hostage or nearly wipe out the community. Enid may end up hiding Judith, and she’s got that JSS (Just Survive Somehow) mentality which could ensure the baby’s safety. The Alexandrians are far more vulnerable than than the assault on the prison made by the Governor.


Maggie – It seemed as though she is having complications with baby since we last saw her. Which could be a real danger or just a false alarm for her unborn child.

Please comment and discuss all of your theories, just free of any material related to the comics.