For the sake of trying to KEEP THINGS SPOILER FREE, I’ve decided to use descriptive words and other methods to avoid dropping character names, etc in order to preserve the game experience for those whom haven’t played up to the NOVIGRAD UNTIL YOU LEAVE FOR SKELLAGE….but it may still just spoil it.  So you’ve been spoiler warned in paragraph form, once more!!

After taking some decent time, exploring and discovering as many locations as possible I started realizing that my levels were a bit under most of the monsters were in the fields.

Which meant, that I was getting my ass handed to me and then coming the good ol’ RPG game rule.  “If you can’t beat em’, out level them!”

At Level 99, this kid is gonna kick Yokozuna’s ass!!


So I headed to my next destination, which was to go chase some fine ass sorceress into the city of Novigrad, which mind you, was a bit overwhelming.   At first, I had to steer clear of a lot of the areas, because I kept on running into fights.  I mean, I was literally getting hustled by 12 year olds!!!!


I dunno, maybe they’re prejudice against Witchers!  FUCK THAT, they’re prejudice of EVERYONE.

Your a witch or sorceress…burn em.

Dwarf or Halfling…stomp em.

Elf…spit on them, then stone em’.

Rock Trolls….get a sledgehammer.

Anybody, non-white…already dead?!  (Seriously!!!  Did not see ONE, non-pale ass mutha fucker.  Racist much?!)


Don’t hate….RELATE!!

Witchers…cut em, stomp, stone em, burn em…..oh wait…that’s me, so ain’t gonna happen.

Despite that, I move on and ignored those racist Eternal Flame assholes and the puritan wannabe Witch Hunters.  Eventually, I ended up meeting with the fine ass sorceress, but she was like.  I’m in hiding cuz they’re gonna burn my ass!

Which I agreed upon, because nobody was doing anything to that ass, EXCEPT ME!  So I was like, okay so…

Good ol’ fashioned buttkickn’….YEAH!!!

So now she’s like, let’s go meet the “King of Thieves”

I get there and he’s like I got big plans to take over the city.  And I was like okay, I’m down, what do I need to do?  He was like, meet me at this place.  I get there and he’s like, “this King is a major dick and a racist jerk, so we gotta take em’ down, so I can be the ruler of this world.  Wanna be my pawn in taking it over?   Arrogant much?!  Sounds like this guys got Scarface Syndrome.

It’s yours Geralt, cuz Tony ain’t born yet!!

So I get there and knock on the door and they let me in and DAYUM, it was ass soup in there.  It was bathhouse and man, I so wanted to take a dip, but ya know business before pleasure!  I thought to myself, whoever owned this place felt like this every day.


Sneaking myself behind a blinder, I eavesdropped on a sit down with the three mafia (err! I mean criminal bosses in the city)  But low and behold, somebody got jealous of all the fine women running around naked and just had to crash the party!

This is where the beat down ensued again and I whipped out my blades, commenced whooping.

These scenes were sooooo violent that to show how bad of a whooping I got, here is a picture of a whoopie pie.

After that was finished, I found out that I got to figure out who tried to kill us all, so let me guess whose gotta do it??????

More to come as I continue to play!



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