Boy, do I have a treasure trove of a site for everyone today.  My early Easter gift to everyone for staying tuned to the blog.  Anyone who loves art and well…loves video games is going to enjoy this place.  I’ve been spending hours and hours checking this place out, so have FUN and ENJOY.

It’s called GAME-ART-HQ , here you will find ALMOST EVERY character in video games for the heavy hitters like Mario, Dante, Mega Man, Sonic and Ryu to the lesser known like Edge, Fulgore,  Poshul and Sigma.  This site is dedicated by fans for fans and you can tell, as there are fan art events dedicated to video game anniversaries, lesser known characters and ones that are lacking good fan art treatment.  Many of the articles are categorized in a A-Z format with a nice  mini  wiki to each character.


Also, on all of the fanarts, you can find all of the artists you like and follow their works directly.  Cosplay fans, you also get a good amount of content on here, also with the links to the photographers and their cosplayers.

The site is still growing and the compendium on these getting MASSIVE!


Let me know what you think? Comments, Like and Share.  As always THANKS EVERYONE!

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