Yesterday, I discussed the issue with my wife, not having a serious interest in my gaming blog entries.  In doing so, it clearly got her attention; so we talked about it this evening.

As clarification, she’s not opposed to playing videogames, she’s just a casual gamer and has played console games since Guitar Hero, Plants Vs Zombies and was big into Phantasy Star Online on the Dreamcast.  (Which gets respect from me, as anything Dreamcast is awesome!)  But she hasn’t touched a console game in years, which I don’t pressure on her.  Most of the games I do play are non-casual and require a deeper learning curve.

Just so you know, this post wasn’t made at knife-point…………….. 

On this, I do blame myself, as I usually avoid playing games when they’re home.  That way, my attention is on them and not focused on the game.  But when we talked last night, I asked her, “Can we put aside some time where we can share some gaming time together?” Which she agreed to, some I’ll discuss more of that with her at a later date.  My hopes are, that one day I’ll be sharing our gaming experiences on here FROM BOTH OF US!

(It would be pretty cool if we, gave our impressions of the various games we played together, it’s really just something that I’d like to share with her.)

As you would imagine, she wasn’t very pleased to have a personal issue aired out.  But honestly, I felt like my concerns were not validated by her at that time, when we talked about it initially two days ago.  That was not the case, and there was some miscommunication between us.  (Which we cleared up.)

Overall, I’ll admit after talking about it, that partially at fault, as I’ve separated my gaming sessions away from time with her.  Which means she isn’t able to really share that time with me.  Also, the best way for us to make a compromise on this is to MAKE TIME FOR IT.

Then maybe, one day everything will be just as I dreamed it would turn out.