I asked Louie, whom is my eternal love, if she’d been reading my entries recently.  Except, she told me that I’ve been only posting about gaming, which is mostly what this blog is a about!

Your Links taste a little too gamey for me.

Essentially, she sort of rolled her eyes and said, “that stuff doesn’t interest me”.  Then she compared gaming to some mundane topic of random knowledge, and that kind of made a little mad.  I know that gaming is not for everyone, but if its a major hobby of your significant one and they write about it on the internet…shouldn’t you at least show SOME interest?!


Not necessarily out of pity, but to bring you closer to each other.  Now, I’ll admit I’m not a big TV watcher (which she is), but at least I do sit down and watch them with her, despite many of them don’t interest me.  So, my question is.

Am I asking too much from her, in having her read my posts, even though they don’t truly interest her?  PLEASE GIVE FEEDBACK, SHARE.  As always, thanks!


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