Three years ago, I got curious and tried The Witcher 2, Assassination of Kings.  Which puts you control of Geralt. (The series main protagonist)  When I saw this character, I thought, “oh great, another slick anti-hero baddass”, I was seriously proven wrong.  Personally, I fully believe Geralt is the most underrated protagonist in gaming fiction.

-He looks like Adrian Paul from the Highlander TV series

I’ve rocked this ponytail for 300+ years and it ain’t leavin’ my head anytime soon!

-Sports every type of cool scar to the imagination

Picture 11
Don’t let the scars fool you, I’m a Starbucks barista.  I just used to be a cold blooded murderer back in Nam’

-Gotta slick and dark toned of voice when he talks.  (think Solid Snake, but he ain’t a prevert fuck)


But here’s the kicker, he’s got a serious heart of gold.  (As in, he’s not a douche)

You Decide!

That, and he’s got it down with a butt-ton of women who can’t get enough of him. Not like Duke Nukem, machismo asshole, but like as in he’s doin’ something the other guys ain’t.

Of course, Geralt learned from the best!!

I guess nice guys do sometimes finish on top…or are they finish on top of him.


Regardless, he’s a pretty dynamic protagonist and he’s pretty gdamn cool in my book. You’ll get more on playthroughs in the near future!