Capcom…..Please stop…..PLEASE!!!!! Give your titles six extra months for development! If you rerelease, add some stuff in, like RE 0 and the Remake. (We thought you couldn’t do it, but YOU DID, so it’s possible!!) Resident Evil fans are DEDICATED to every release! Your burning all of your fans with partial products! (FYI, this just fell on deaf ears…..FML)

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This year the Resident Evil series turns 20 and to mark the occasion Capcom will be doing what Capcom do best, yes that’s right, they’re re-releasing the forth, fifth and sixth instalments of the series on the PlayStation 4 And Xbox One. No major changes will be madd to the games and each will set you back either $19.99, €19.99 or £15.99 depending on where you are in the world. Oh, and the 3 game will only be receiving physical releases in North America, everyone else will have to make do with digital.

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