Its been a little while, which is due to me handling some family affairs.  This was pretty much adjusting into my new consistent shift at work, vice the constant variable days off/constant shift rotations I was doing for the past year.  Now I have consistent days off, WHICH IS FANTASTIC!!!


It also meant that I had to take some quality time for with Grace and Louie.  It was worth and was the break I needed.  During that little break, I’m knee deep into both Arkham Knight and the Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt.  Both are amazing games!

But I figured, since they are such HUGE games, I’m being giving impressions piece by piece until I finish each one.

By the time, I’m finished, I’ll be able to give everyone a pretty sweet outlook on both titles, with ALL of the DLC included!!  (Already have the season pass for Arkham, Witcher will be gradual purchases.  (FAMAZING!!)

As you can see, Pharell cat is happy about it!!

So, let’s get down to it on Arkham Knight!


The game pretty much is a direct sequel to Batman: Arkham City, which essentially takes some of big events and carries it right into the next chapter.  In a nutshell, Scarecrow is big baddie in Gotham now and along with him, he’s got an army being run by some new faces in the city.  So Batman’s gotta step up his game and brings in the his new batmobile, which is essentially the tumbler from Dark Knight movies.

With it, comes some new gameplay, vehicle combat and constant access to the batmobile-tumbler thingy.


At first, this was a pain in the ass to handle, as there were already enough button shit I had to remember with combat, using gadgets, detective mode, gliding and grapple, ugh….


At first, that’s all I was doing was driving around in the battumblermobile, and I kinda felt a little “what the hell”, when am I gonna crack some skulls, solve crimes and take a batshit, without using vehicle mechanics.  But it got better!

Being 33% in, its much better, as they freeflow the car into fighting and exploration.  Also, the parts that have you using combat or doing races are done pretty good.  The challenge is there, but your not required to be an expert to finish in a ton of retries.


As always, the Riddler is back, (really?! REALLY?!  GET A LIFE!) and his usual trophies are scattered around with riddles, breakable stuff and goons hidden in the city.  But this time he’s a bigger player in the chaos going on in Gotham this time and it fits pretty well.  I have to admit, gathering collectibles can get mundane, but the way the Riddler is implemented in the Arkham series, is cool and does stump you on some occasions.  Although, I’ve yet to come across any puzzle that completely mindfucked me, it would be nice to have a couple like that, at this point in the series.

Ok, hypno-Einstein I’m officially mindfucked!

On the note of side quests, expect a ton shit to do by the 25% point.  But that’s not it!  My recommendation so far, avoid the little side DLCs unless you want to play as various characters during the challenges sections.  My opinion they’re not really worth the cash, almost all of them are too short, with the Batgirl one being okay.  But the “Season of Infamy” DLC is WORTH IT!  As it adds four major side quests that all relate to a specific villian, adding at least 6 more hours of gameplay!

If you just laughed at this, you need a swift kick in the ass!
Oh…right!  That “infamy”!

Overall, so far, its looking good, with plenty to do on the side and with the additional challenges packed in with the game, there’s a lot to do.  And don’t forget to catch my next post on the game, in the near future.