Okay, I’ve been away for a week or so, handling some personal affairs of mine and working some very hectic shifts.  So, I apologize.


But before I was mad posting about how great Street Fight V was going to be and all this!  Now I’m looking at reviews for it and the overall fan receptions and all I’m getting from the response is…that it’s garbage!!  I mean I seriously confused!!

Shit even God is like …

So, I have a question to those that own it, die-hard fighter and Street Fighter fans, casual gamers, I…DON’T…CARE!!  I wanna know, what’s going on with it.  (Obviously, I haven’t bought it yet, I’m getting it later.)

I’m seeing the trash reviews on A LOT of gaming sites and I’m like…What the hell?!?!

Totally captures my internal frustration!

But I’m a person that mostly tries to advocate against making overall purchase, rent choice off of reviews alone.

So…let me know COMMUNITY!!