Every so often, I’m going to continue to recap a few groups of titles. They are mini reviews like before, except I will be giving you some thought provoking material.   Which will have some points for discussion on each of my recap entries.

Plants Vs Zombies:  Garden Warfare


Here is a good FPS that was designed to be like Battlefield and Team Fortress 2 and it works well.  (Hell, it was developed by the staff who make Battlefield.)  


If you’re completely oblivious to those two title and Plants Vs Zombies.  Here’s a quick run-down:  First, Team Fortress using a class system that requires a true commitment to win on a regular basis.  Each class has its strengths and weaknesses and cannot clear out the opponent going rouge.  TF2 kind of created the whole four-class system that you see in many shooters now.


Second, Battlefield launched off of TF2 system and made vast improvements over the original concept.  Coupled with the heavy reliance on teamplay with modes like Rush and Conquest.


I’m a huge Battlefield player, so I’ll elaborate more on it another time.



But it’s fair to say that Battlefield is a true FPS experience, vice the super fast-paced killfest in CoD.


Last is the feature of the post, Plants Vs Zombies: Garden Warfare.  If you liked the first Plants Vs Zombies, YOU WILL BE DISAPPOINTED, it’s a shooter, not a tower strategy game.  With that said, the gameplay is fun with lots to do and has many similarities to Battlefield 3, using many of its gametypes.  But what makes PvZ charming is its characters, setting and the wide arsenal of plant and zombie themed weapons/gadgets.  


Not only does each class get their own unique gear, they have get a few different abilities.  These are achieved by unlocking new skins, which can be be obtained via expansion card packs.  (Which are purchased with in-game money or cold hard cash, also known as freemium)  

Which brings me to another great feature in this game.  When you buy packs, even getting the common cards are rewarding and have their usefulness.  Also, any skins, weapons or cards you collect are featured in a pretty extensive compendium that can be assessed outside of battles.


The last feature that is included in the game is the zombie defense, very similar to CoD’s Nazi Zombies, except each round features different modifiers and occasional boss fights.  Also, as a nod to the original tower defense games; the defending players can place plants in empty pots to defend and assist them with the oncoming hordes.


Also, this is a great alternate to younger players, who would like a shooter that is free of the blood and gore.  Not only that, it has some really funny moments, which range from an opposing player being blown 30 feet in the air by a potato mine or the various emotes each class has.


I’d recommend you buy it, as it also has ALL of its full expansions available FOR FREE, which makes more than worth the price.