For these past three days, it has been a true test of patience and partially risk of my own life.

Starting on Friday, I came into work, was on my feet the whole time and stayed from 4pm Friday until 8:30 AM Saturday.  (I work in a job that makes me essential personnel, which means no snow days for me! 😦 )

Once I got off, I was welcomed by the mountains of fresh powder, 14 inches of it to exact.  My car was covered, but was able to back it out and finally get it out of the work parking lot.  Oddly enough, other co-workers were getting their cars stuck in the nearby intersection.  So I got out and helped push.

Once I was back in my car, I headed onto I-495 and headed home, unfortunately the my I wasn’t thinking because I was extremely tired and turned onto a state road that was barely plowed.

I managed to get about 3 miles through the state road before I came across a vehicle stuck in the snow.  I got out to help push this car, which so happened to some fool who decided to drive his tiny Toyota Prius in the snow.  Once he was out of the way, I returned to my car and tried to move around him.

My luck wasn’t with me, as he was still blocking enough road to prevent me from passing. I tried to make it and failed, but had some people that were nearby to now help me. In order to prevent my car from being damaged by snow plows, they pushed into a nearby driveway.

Then…they left, and I was stranded almost 10 miles down the road…in a full on blizzard. So I started walking… for over two miles in 18 inches of fresh powder.


Ten minutes into my walk I tried using my cell…it died before I even got signal. Continuing on, I searched for any type shelter, bus stops, buildings and any kind of coverage. Everywhere was shut down and the only thing out there were the plows. Luckily I noticed a gas station open three miles down, a plow driver was fueling up. I darted across the covered highway and prayed he’d help me.

I’d made it just in time convinced the driver to give me a ride. He took me five miles down and said that’s as far he could go. I thanked and headed back on the road. I needed that brief reprieve from the cold, as I was starting to numbness in my body.

As I exited the truck, I noticed that blizzard had kicked up considerably and visibility was damn near zero.

Knowing that it was only get worse, started jogging for about a mile. I became winded after about 10 minutes and slowed down. After all, I was dehydrated and very fatigued from just finishing a double shift.

The last mile or so was a stagger to make it to my doorsteps and I clearly felt my body wanting to pass out. Fortunately, I was being watched from above on that morning.

Two days later, the storm had passed. Myself, Louie and Grace went over to the now buried car. I dug the Buick out of mountain left on top of it. Once it was clear enough and there wasn’t any traffic coming, I floored it like Marty McFly in Back to the Future.


It was done, so we went out to Applebee’s to celebrate. This time, luck was on our side, as we were able to catch the AFC championship game. Which was true nail biter of a game; Louie was elated as the Patriots were denied a Super Bowl chance. (She’s a die-hard Buffalo Bills fan.)
Ironically, we went to Dairy Queen for desert and had Blizzards, in a blizzard. (*Shrugs*)