This is an article that I ended up commenting on, as it did hit a weak spot in me.  I’d recommend you read it first and then come back with ANY feedback you have.  I’d like to hear ANY and ALL opinions on this.  This is some partial agreement in what she is saying.


Former ‘Clueless’ star Stacey Dash called for the elimination of Black History Month and BET Channel, calling it a “double standard.”

Source: Stacey Dash: There should be no Black History Month or BET Channel


What Miss Dash is saying controversial but true.  But we as various races are SLOWLY integrating and there far less people accepting integration and more on isolating people into separate races.  It called defacto segregation, as in different races stay with their own races because they choose to be separate.   (Most of it is by fear of change/racist communities/etc)  Until people cannot get over the fear of difference it WILL NEVER change.  This goes for ALL races.  Until then, various races will have their own cultures to identify with, until they can beyond the fear.  Socially, many non-white races, have been put down socio-economically and their chances to truly thrive as cultures has been slowed.

Honestly we have A LONG WAY to go as a society before no longer identify each other by race, and more on experience and what we know. For example, we identify a stranger by what we SEE in front of us.  We pass judgement instantaneously in our head, what this person is just by our visual perception.  

How do we get beyond that, WE DON’T EVER by ourselves.  We have to then take the next step and communicate with them and HEAR their story and what makes them UNIQUE and no longer the perception that we see in front of us.  That is when you know that this person is someone you identify with or not.

I partially agree with what she is saying, but Americans as a whole are too fearful of making the right changes in society.  This would require full integration without recognition of race, requiring people to make decisions of character based by the experiences of exchange and suspend their judgement.  Dr. Martin Luther King, said it well,  ” they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.”  Which is how it should be.  Culture identities should thrive, not racial differences.

Personally, I’ve gone beyond race.  I’ve been exposed to racial integration for so long in my life.  From having a stepfather that was mixed (Cherokee/black/Egyptian), having a brother born from that marriage, growing up in a minority community, being in the military where I worked with people from everywhere and having a career that has that same positive approach to race and culture.   It has been so much that I find others that still look at race as a way to set themselves apart, is simply an excuse to exclude themselves from the rest of society.

Sadly, society is no where near ready to accept it, and realistically, it may never happen; because human nature is overall set for self-preservation. As a result, people won’t accept what they’re afraid to embrace, unless they experience the thing they fear the most, CHANGE.