Tales of Symphonia Collection 

The first Tales of Symphonia is a classic and a year or so, Namco released a remastered version for Playstation users. (Which was an exclusive for the Gamecube.)  


So, what’s the big deal about Tales of Symphonia?!  If you’ve played Final Fantasy VII, this will be right up your alley.  

At first when I began playing it, I rolled my eyes at the cliched beginning. (Which is always some Hero or main character being a Chosen One, yada yada!)   As I progressed further into the game, the story begins to develop into much more.  


Character development is made both through “skit scenes” and regular in-game scenes, which really did flesh-out each of the player characters, which I liked a lot!


 Also, was is a pretty long game, in terms of RPGs.  (which is why I said that this game is right up your alley, FFVII fans!)  


                                    You went up the wrong alley, homes!!

Once you get into some of the dungeons also expect to have some head scratching moments that make you think.  (yes, there are quite a few puzzles)


If you’ve never picked up a Tales game, expect real-time battle as opposed to turn-based.  (Which I fell in love with back with Tales of Destiny for PS1.)  Expect this game to have some dated graphics-wise, despite its HD release.   In return, you get a story that will have plenty of twists and turns hidden behind a generic plot.


Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World


The second is, Tales of Symphonia:  Dawn of the New World.  As much as many reviews will say, this isn’t a bad game, it’s just different!  It’s no where near as good as its predecessor, for several reasons.  

It’s okay….your…just different…that all!


First, exploration is limited to the dungeons and town you encounter, there is no free roam over-world.  Side quests are very limited, fairly boring and most of the loot you get for completing them can be bought; leaving it fairly unrewarding.  

Second, the cast in this game is a completely different, which will throw you off from playing this as a sequel.  However, I recommend sticking on throughout the game, as there is returning cast that make appearances.  Once they do, things get interesting and the story in the game gets better.

                                                           OH YEAH, It gets BETTER!!


Last, this game is pretty short for an RPG.  But it works well for the story overall and does try to keep it consistent with the events of the first.  

On the good side of things, the added a monster system which does change things up a little.  (Despite it being a direct rip on Pokemon)


Combat is much more fluid, with the introduction of attack types and the graphics are on par with its Wii release.


Also, the new cast and voice-overs, may make you cringe, hell I bet you, that you’ll end up hating some of the new cast.  But here is the best part, it’s all intention, RIDE IT THROUGH and just the game, regardless of all of its flaws.