At 910 P.M., this evening, I’d fallen asleep while resting in the sofa chair, as I waited for my daughter Grace to go down for the evening.  Louie, my wife, woke me up saying, “Aren’t you going out to get a Powerball ticket?!?!”

I moped, groaned and complained about this ticket was a WASTE!

If you think about it, this is the biggest jackpot in Powerball history, $1.5 Billion dollars

While driving to the liquor store, I thought about how there are sooooo many people that have been claiming that they will donate so much money to charity.  About how much they will help others.  (Which is great!)  But here is the irony to this;  WHERE DO YOU THINK THIS JACKPOT CAME FROM?!  US, that’s who.

I’m no philanthropist or anything.  But if we just up and donated this money, or say the state governments committed this programs that would help the poor. Instead we gamble it; WE WOULDN’T have as much issues, with low-income communities, social security and homelessness.  Then I reach the store, bought the ticket, got a couple drinks and headed out.

As I left, a group of guys were talking about what they’re going to do with this.  IN FREEZING WEATHER!  I shared with the conversation, making a few jokes and headed back.

I have a snowball’s chance in hell, but if I win, I know what I’m donating it to charity!!!

Update!!  We didn’t win. 😦