Two weeks ago, my Louie (my wife) got fed up with inactive and began exercising 6 times a week.  Diet wise, we were already getting into making our meals at home and eating out or ordering once a week.  (With it being one or the other)

She’s stayed consistent and reminded me, that I didn’t have to start exercising, but she definitely gave me motivations to get back into it.

Now, exercise wise and physique I’ve stayed strong and not to the point where it has affected my appearance too much.  But I’ll be honest, I hadn’t worked out for about four months, which is BAD.  So I decided to hit it up and start back up.  Two sessions at the gym later and I feel like Kimbo Slice’s heavy bag.


Hey Slice, why you gotta bring a gun to fistfight?!

Today, I got sick while doing the elliptical for only 10 minutes and I could feel my chest tightening.  After about 10 minutes of resting and hydrating, did I continue my workout with weights.  (At this point, I felt cardio would’ve made things much worse)  My worry from this, is that I might have sports induced asthma.  So I discussed with Louie and we agree that I’ll make an appointment to see a doc soon.  For now, it’ll be alternating cardio and gym days, with PLENTY of hydration and NO EXCUSES.


I’ve been on workout programs before and I know how to push myself, so this has to come from within for me to make my changes.

In terms of my hobbies, it cuts back six hours of my time for workouts and another six for hers.  (As I use that time to spent time with Grace, while she’s at the gym)  So I gotta make time for it when I can.


This will be a time where I have to put my money where my mouth is and make it happen.  I’ll keep you posted.