OK, going to admit, Spotify is awesome! This guy pretty much summed up my feeling on it. If you have a PS4, you MUST check out Spotify!

I’ll add a few side comments he didn’t touch on.

First, if your looking for newer music and hate the radio in your car, this is a fantastic way to look at the new stuff.

Second, if your trying to chill, have friends over, throwing a party, getting into that sexy mood, or just need workout music, they have user made playlists for it…GOOD ONES!

Third, it’s FREE, so…duh

Fourth, for any game I’ve played so far, you can find a playlist tailored towards the feel of the game.  For instance, if I’m playing Star Wars Battlefront, I can get the movie soundtracks to play from all of the 7 episodes DURING GAMEPLAY!  Playing Fallout 4 and hate those goddamn looping radio stations, Spotify will give you playlists that have the previous soundtracks, which will please your ear more than hearing Butcher Pete for the 8,000th time!

Lastly, myself and my wife have tried soooo many other services for a good playlist to get us in the freaky mood.  (She likes Nu Metal, stuff for some reason)   We’re talking 8track, Youtube, last.fm, Shoutcast, etc., NOTHING.

Spotify did it for us…



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In probably one of the more important app signs next to Netflix and Vudu, Spotify is a huge add on to ps4. Sony has announced that its Spotify app has hit a amazing 11 million downloads and is one of the most used app on the PS4. When Sony announced their partnership with Spotify I knew then all hope for xbox was gone as far as being competitive. On top of Spotify having the best music streaming service in the world now with ps4, the ps4 is the current gen system that can play those streams in the background while playing games without doing a stupid split screen. To date Microsoft still doesn’t have a answer for this or a work around as they can not play songs in the background even though they have a format designed for more multi-tasking compared to the PS4. I personally love Spotify and…

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