This year was good; there were some bad time and had a few ugly moments, but overall pretty good.

Outside of this blog, I started a new career, which has been very challenging, but overall totally worth it. Throughout it, I was working rotating shifts; sometimes it was the graveyard shift other times the evening and the there were the bustling morning shifts. All of my days off were inconsistent, and overall its been tough with family at home.
But I’ve got the most amazing woman in the world, Louie. She’s been nothing but supportive throughout everything during the year. From the insomnia from rotating shifts, oversleeping from exhaustion, conflicts at work. (Let’s just say I work in a hostile environment, which comes with job.) difficulty making time for family and her, yo ironing out of budget difficulties. SHE MY PERFECT LADY, and wont believe it, but it’s TRUE.

My daughter, Grace has been a trial, with the whole threenager phase going on. (She’s three and acts like shes a teenager!) But she’s always been there to make me smile and always continues to surprise me with how intelligent she is. I AM SO PROUD OF HER!!

As for my family and friends, more quality time is being spent with them. We’ve had some good memories this year, and I hope to continue spend time with them during the next year.

My friends, I’ve kind neglected, but still keep in touch. Some have changed, gotten married, expecting or have had children. Newer friendships have come along with the new job, that will stay with me for as long as I know them and have been blessed to have them in my life.

As a father, I think I’ve improved. Before, I used to be quick to temper and be pretty judgemental. I know, that I havent completely changed, but I can tell the difference. Responsibilty wise, I’m trying to improve my poor organizational habits and be more receptive to criticism. That still needs work. If I remain aware of those faults, I can improve them.

Physically, I’ve been lazy, with desires to go back to practicing martial arts, doing more weight training and calisthenics. I’ve only done it about three to four times in a MONTH. (Which is completely unacceptable!!!) So, it has to improve or I’m going to end up being consistently overweight for the remaider of my life.

Overall, there is always room for improvement, which must happen!!

I will say no resolution, but instead remain dedicated to what I’ve posted here.


2015’s been pretty good, but went but fast!! Have a happy and safe New Year’s, and here’s to a great and peaceful 2016, to everyone on this planet!!!