Continuing were I left off yesterday, I will go over the games I played during the last month on Playstation Now.  There are general snapshots with my overall experience coupled with them.

Atelier Rorona Plus: The Alchemist of Arland


Like the title says, its about alchemy; which is kind of ironic as this game is a fuse of various genres.  One, it’s a turn-based JRPG, focusing on the combat element.  Second, it’s a visual novel, similar to many popular Japanese video games, which drives the plot forward.  Third, is the alchemy aspect, which is it’s own unique twist on game progression of building your character up.


Honestly, it was a great experience for me.  That is, if I can get through a JRPG without it having a million obscure anime cliches or Japanese culture references.  But I got beyond that and just continued playing it.  This game was more like a lite-JRPG, that was enjoyable when I got beyond the simplified storyline.


The alchemy part was pretty addictive, and gives plenty of room for experimentation.  Overall, a solid experience; if you like it, there are 3 or more sequels of the game available on the subscription.   I didn’t get that in depth with it, but maybe you might.


Blazblue Chronophantasma  


I’d played Blazblue before, so I knew what to expect; a solid fighter with a deep storyline.  Which is what makes Blazblue unique.  Unlike, The King of Fighters, Tekken, Street Fighter and many others.  It presents a very deep storyline right on its front doorstep, that will take just as long a standard action game.  I kind of wished there was more visual presentation of story progression and found myself getting bored reading and reading in order to better understand what was going on.  (Reading in videogames is good and all, but there comes a point when you have to throw in some visuals.)


In terms of its ability as a fighting game, it wasn’t a pick up and play fighter like Marvel Vs Capcom  or Tekken and had a bit of a learning curve to it.  Also, this is the second game in the series, which means it features a much bigger character roster than it predecessor.  Also, I loved how flashy the moves in the game are how the character designs are very unique.


Along with this, I played Guilty Gear Xrd, which was the first series was created by the company XSEED.  (Who makes Guilty Gear and Blazblue)  This one actually does the opposite with its story mode, it does away with fighting matches and plays an animated movie of the story.  (which is actually a story set after the events of Arcade mode, which has its own story to it)


Much like Blazblue, this title features the unique character designs and flashy movesets, but with a Heavy Metal-like musical twist.  Both titles are highly recommended, if your a fighter fan.  I know I’ll be diving back into these before my subscription ends.


Last on the fighter list, was Arcana Hearts 3.  Which features an all girl cast with a large inspiration from Japanese animation.  Which also boasts the same gameplay style.  However, I didn’t like because it was a very striped-down game with only a basic arcade mode and I think a survival mode.  (Which reminds me of Skullgirls, which is love letter to all fighting games.  But left me wanting more from both of these titles.)  So I didn’t much time on this one.



Last on my list, was Deception IV.  Which was a very unique title, that may have you loving it or just putting it down.


Basically, it’s a strategy game that has you playing a woman who is the demon-lord of a huge castle, and you must defend it from invaders.  Funny thing is, your the bad guy and all of society is trying to put a stop to you and your minions.


In order to prevent this, instead of just hacking or blasting the shit out of the wannabe heroes; you must set-up traps that will brutalize and ultimately kill them.  (So expect some gore)   Where it gets cheesy is through its overall presentation.  The AI is friggin retarded and will clearly just run into your traps.  Yet, if you can get over that, its not hard to enjoy this game.


I have to admit, I wasn’t sure as to if I liked it or hated it.  But I’ll leave that up to you.


Now that I’ve finished going over my list; I have one major gripe over this Playstation Now subscription.


You will find some, but most are very dated and with end of the PS3’s life coming soon, now would be the time to start putting some major titles, that have been out for about six months.  It wouldn’t hurt, I mean its not like people will stop spending money on games.