After taking a solid week, going through various titles, trying to find something good.  I settled on playing X-Com Enemy Within.  X-Com, is a re-imagining of the 1994 title of the same name.

Fscreen800x500irst, it’s an Real Time Strategy, so if that is not your thing; This game will get you into the genre OR it will make you want to throw your controller.

The whole objective of the game is build a central base from the ground up.  Scan for alien UFOs, intercept them and investigate the crash sites.

Now, you’d think it would be pretty boring when you don’t find anything while searching the map of the crash landing…then WHAM!!!  You get ambushed by aliens in all directions, and depending on how your positioned, WILL mean life or death for your squad.

Once you’ve succeeded; all of the spoils left behind by the aliens, (and I mean ALL) will be yours.  However, you must learn to research, manufacture and balance your base economy, in order to fully utilize the recovered alien tech you find on each mission.

Gameplay for this very dynamic, as NOT one fight will play out the same.  Some missions go smooth, some bad, and others will get your whole team killed.  But it won’t be game over, even if you lose your squad; as this game almost guarantees you will have casualties throughout the many battles.


In terms of overall variety, there is plenty of content here.  There is a wide variety of mission types, which range from investigation missions to search and rescue missions.  As far as weapons go, your squad will stick to four basic classes, but will be constantly upgrading with new tech, weapons and even the ability to transform soldiers into super soldiers and cyborgs.


As you can imagine, there is a lot to this game.  While at the base, expect to manage it by purchasing all needed supplies and gear for your away team.  However, it won’t be that easy, as money is allotted to you monthly via ingame economy and clock.  Each country will contribute to your overall income, so long as you perform missions for the respective country.  If not, the country may drop out and no longer fund your base.  So, budgeting and keeping a watchful eye on funding and resources is key.



Back when this was released on PS1 in 1994, I fell in love with it and was very excited to play this again, when I’d heard that a remake was out.  Oddly enough, not much was changed, as it was still has much of the same from its initial release almost 21 years later.  Hell, they even removed several features from the game in order to simplify gameplay.  This title was something, very much ahead of its time.xcom_enemy_within_31

Just be aware, this game can be merciless and punishing, very much like the Dark Souls series.  Harder difficulties may make you break your controller.  Hope you enjoy.   caution-angry-gamer-1680x1050