Since the cliffhanger ending in the movie, “Army of Darkness”.   Evil Dead fans have been demanding more Ash, his chainsaw and his double barreled shotgun like your hungry dog underneath the dinner table.  From dedicated websites to petitions, Evil Dead fans were the guys that started


If your new to Evil Dead, I’ll summarize.
The first, was a very low budget horror flick created by Sam Raimi.  It was made so poorly that it was laughably entertaining and ended up with a solid cult following. 


Evil Dead 2, decided to take the same exact plot from the first movie; adding a more serious tone combined with slapstick comedy.  (When I said exactly, I mean EXACTLY.  Seriously, watch them both and compare. )


Before Facebook and social media, it was BBS, chat rooms and forums.  (Yes, I know, forums are still alive and well.)
Fans would think tank, dream and pray in their own way; in hopes for a movie sequel.

It eventually did happen, DECADES later.  The movie did somewhat well and was a love/hate movie with mixed opinions. But it missed something it should’ve never been without…Bruce Campbell.  The main character was replaced with a female lead and given a darker tone.


After Army of Darkness, Bruce had a steady career in Hollywood…as a “B” movie star.  So much so, that he’s been dubbed the “King of B-movies”.  It wasnt until the TV show, Burn Notice, did he finally return to a major role.  After that, fans of both Campbell and Evil Dead, were hoping they would get their wish.

Evil Dead: The Series will be airing on Starz on October 31st, which will be a great Halloween treat.  This simply happening is great in itself, but not without a few ups and downs. 

First, it’s on Starz, which is not currently well known for is television series.  Exposure of the show is going to be seriously limited and a possibilty of it comtinuing into other seasons may not happen.  Unless, one of two things happens.  Its cult following catches on,  like the same fashion as the Game of Thrones book fans did with that series. 
(Most likely on a much smaller scale.)
And the second way, would that it finds a second viewer exposure through Netflix after cancellation. 
(The second being a more likely positive outcome)

As for the positive aspects of it being on Starz.  You can expect no shortage of gore and profanity.  So expect a great show, as this show doesnt have to worry about censorship. 
Its time is also placed fairly well, being that it sits on a Saturday, and not Sunday.

Because if your a horror fan at 9pm on Sunday, you’re watching the The Walking Dead.  Let’s face it, that is essentially a slot right now that will be dominated year-round by TWD, with the recent announcement of a 2nd season of Fear the Walking Dead, in February next year.

What I’ve seen in the trailer for Evil Dead is FANTASTIC!!!!  I cannot wait and wish nothing but success for this show.  Hope you tune in and thank you Starz for making this happen.