As mentioned in a previous post, I started playing Resident Evil 6.  A couple days later, and hitting game fairly hard, Ive come to my conclusion.

The game does fit into the storyline, but I felt that the story shouldve been put into much later title, for two reasons.

First, there is only brief mentioning about the character development since the previous games.  It wouldve been nice to seen more backstory on the new characters and more on the returning one.  If they had spent a bit more time on this, the story wouldve blown people away.  The game’s story is rushed because they wanted to keep pushing the action.  Thats great and all, but if they had injected more depth and dialouge in there, the story would ve had more impact.  It isnt a BAD story, it just needed more, love and attention.

Second, in terms of it being a canon story to Resident Evil.  The story seems like it need another title or two sandwiched in there,  (or should I say, Jill sandwiched, in there) before going into this.

The man behind the curtain’s grand scheme is revealed immediately and the only motivation the player gets out of it, is the pure need to push on and finish the story.

During this time, the characters that we know and love are not given a lot of attention, and are treated as though they dont interact with each other between time between various RE.  (There is literally a 15 time difference from the events of RE2 to RE6)  The most we get, are simply the,
“Hey, long time no see!” or “I cant believe your here!” lines.  Which is very unrealistic, and a dissapointment for the fans.
Resident Evil titles are not known for having deep plots on the surface.  But there is, if you take the time and look deeper a files and other submaterial.  and in between.

Capcom had painted themselves into corner after the conclusion of RE5.    Their storyline options were limited, so I get it!  But if they’d taken more time on they couldve made something great!

However, what they did do right; was bring back the multiple scenarios.  There are a total of four, which is nice.  Each scenario focuses on different atomspheres, but intersect each other from time to time, ultimately tying the story together.  I wished they’d done it more, but it worked when it happened.

Which brings me to another thought.
As much as many fans consider Resident Evil 2 a masterpiece, (including myself) the scenarios are interwined throughout the game.  Resident Evil 6, executes this much better than its predecessor…which I was very happy to see.

Packed with the mercenaries mode, which is always challenging you constantly.  Couple that with the additional difficulties and multiplayer, its a solid title.  It’s also a solid Resident Evil title, that just lacks the jumps, scares and misplaced story.