We were pretty exhausted and short on time to cook dinner tonight.  So we decided to go to Wendy’s

I order a simple burger combo, my daughter a nuggets kids meal and my wife gets a bbq sandwich combo with a frosty.  I’m then reminded, that she LOVES to dunk her fries in her frosty.


I’ve tried it, and it’s GROSS!  Sorry, an opinion, and thats how I feel.
I admit, frosties arent bad, but with fries… It just makes me gag.

While at the dinner table, she made a successful attempt to indoctrinate our daughter in the odd ritual.  But it backfired, my daughter decided to dunk her chicken nuggets.


She loved it and ate all of her nuggets. 
It was very funny, but easily the grossest thing eaten next to something out of Bizarre Foods.