Today and yesterday, I started playing Resident Evil 6 again.  For those who were not fans of the series, it was thought liked somewhat. 


That is, if you could get beyond, hyper sensitive camera control and excessive amount of QTE moments.  (Push a button or die situations, in a nutshell.)

IF you did, there was a fairly good game.  On my first try of the game back when it was released a few years ago; I suspended judgement until I beat it.


As a DEDICATED and true Resident Evil fan, I was pissed.  I left the game behind and let it collect dust.  Until now.

The reason I came back to the game overhearing that many of the gameplay problems had been remedied.  Which after playing for a bit, I felt I had to seriously tweak the setting to get a better experience.  Mind you this is on a PS3 console.

Overall, it was a better experience, gameplay wise and there was action a plenty.  So much so, that it still felt like a shooter and as long as you can accept that…then it is a good game. 

With multiple scenarios that constantly cross between each other, multiplayer in both the main game and mercenaries mode.  (Along with a few other modes if you want to pay for the dlc.)


You have a good game.  Just not a good Resident Evil game.

What the hell happened with this series?!  Was it that much of the original staff left and it lost its real focus?  Sure it was; survival horror brings fear and tension to the gamer, and the genre is simple.

Adding multiplayer, co-op and building a game outside of its meat and potatoes; is risky business.  It’s ruining triple-A games.  Developers are ruining single player, by focusing on making a game that can have multiplayer, just to beat competition.  If you do the opposite, you’ll get stronger sales overall, vice large bulk sales following product release.

Hell, it’s becoming a trend that developers completely omit single player from its product altogether.  Thats a BAD thing…for one exception

If you have a series, make it one player, two, four or multiplayer, from the start.  But work it into the game so it doesn’t ruin the experience.  The sales arent good, make a new project and be CREATIVE!! 

Rarely, are the games the execute multiplayer and single player well.  Borderlands did it from the start.  While, Mass Effect 3 executed it well after two sequels.  The latter was succesful because it fit into the story; it didnt avoid it.

I feel better, now that I got that out. 

Anyhoo, go and give Resident Evil 6 another shot, if you like.  Either that, or something you put down the first time.