Finished Beyond:  Two Souls last night.
Pretty epic story overall, which kept me guessing until it finished. 


It left me with a few questions at the end.  But I’m not complaining; there is plenty of action, mystery and paranormal in game that kept me wanting more. 


Sometimes, there were decisions I had to make that were very hard to make…in terms as to how I felt about the characters.  Then there were times I had that completely flipped this way of thinking in order to better fit the way the story moved; in a GREAT way.


It’s great, because in real life we engage in hardship.  New relationships develop, others may betray or destroy that connection, and in between we have to decide if we turn away, embrace, or just forgive. 

Another one of Quantic Dream’s titles, Heavy Rain, tried to do this.  But it felt like they were trying to hard.  Sure, if you play it, you’ll experience some powerful moments.  But Beyond takes the body of the previous title and pumps blood into it; bringing the player into a great and powerful narrative.

It is an amazing game and worth your time.  Be mindful, it was short and sweet and it can be finished in about two or three serious gaming sessions.